But in the '70s, an influx of new cosmetic brands brought darker shades to the market. Beauty standards of the 21st century. Society's standards of beauty should never decide how women view themselves. Thank you for Listening :) Beauty Standards 1960s vs. 2000s 1960s 2000s 2000s 1960s Applying Beauty Standards Today Introduction: Why Beauty? Also, exploring the gender roles in these ads. What to expect: Print Ads that compare beauty for men and women from the 1960s and 2000s. David Beckham becomes the perfect man, a professional soccer player having all the attributes of an alpha male - the six-pack, professional haircut, and … The 2000s were the reigning years of the pretty boys — a perfect mix between the bad boys of the ‘90s and the muscular men of the ‘80s, topped off with a new kind of swag. The next big change was in the 2000s when the Muslim Brotherhood became more present in Syria. In fact, the female standard of beauty has gone through many drastic changes over the last several hundred years. July 1, 2015 July 1, 2015 | sjjennings. It will show little girls in the future that having a good personality, treating people with kindness, and being smart is more important than outer beauty. Her long lashes, winged eyeliner, and voluminous red pout became the standard of beauty. I want to see women in media of all different races, dress sizes, and looks. Every decade had its own standards and stars that were epitomizing the beauty ideal. The beauty standard changed again in the 1950s, with updos becoming a trend. Some women stopped wearing makeup altogether, while others wore bright colors daily. Common ideals of perfect proportions come and go almost as fast as fashion trends. ... 2000s Metrosexual millennium. Sexy, powerful, and also sleek and lithe, the 2000s … Every day we are bombarded with images showcasing ‘perfect’ hourglass figures, 22 inch waists, fake breasts and more. Her signature makeup look has transcended time. Hair should be blond and fine like gold wire, and if nature didn't provide the proper color, it could be produced by dyes imported from the East. The history of Western film is a pretty good barometer of how beauty standards have changed from decade to decade.We've ricocheted from girlish innocence in the early 1900s, to … The hottest beauty ideals for men in the 2000s included washboard abs, tanned skin, spiky or skater boy hair, and baggy jeans. Beauty standards changed frequently between the '70s and '90s. How standards of male beauty have changed over the last 100 years. Actress Farrah Fawcett was considered one of the decade's most beautiful women. The standards of beauty were very specific. The '70s also saw the rise of anorexia nervosa as … The era of metrosexuality. 3-16 2. She was an actress, model, and singer who became emblematic of a new and changing era. 1910s Gibson Girl She was often defined by her long legs and hourglass figure—which redefined beauty standards during the 1950s. 984k. After that, Syrian beauty standards started to more closely follow Western beauty ideals, including teased hair in the 1970s and bangs in the 1980s. The ideal 1970s beauty was tanned with flowing hair and a slim, toned body -- an athletic look with minimal or "natural" makeup. From the pen-and-ink drawn Gibson girl in the 1910s to fuller-frame curvy bodies we adore today, the “most desirable” figure has rapidly changing. Women of the 2000s were supposed to be strong and powerful — able to look good in a bikini but also maybe beat you in arm wrestling too. Throughout most of the 1900s, beauty products were created solely for women with light complexions.

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