3. What is the procedure to do this after completing B.Tech? Answer. Gaurav Kashyap. Can I do an MBA after doing a BTech in CSE? One can do a PhD after MBA in Distance Education but few things need to be taken into consideration. 0. Dislike Bookmark. Tutor. According to Aristotle, ” The roots of education are bitter but the fruit is sweet”. Good! Raj Kumar. Through these courses, they can apply for jobs in different industries as well. Career Opportunities after B. 0. 11/07/2018. Reply. Here Gradeup provides list of career opportunities for Mechanical Engineering graduates which will give an idea of the direction where the candidate's career should be moving and in case candidate has still not decided what to do, they can make a suitable choice depending on their interest. 70 to 80 per cent of higher degree candidates choose this path to start their career. any degree is sufficient to do MBA . So, i am sorry for that. No, i am sorry it is not possible to do MA fine arts after B.tech for this it is necessary to have BA in fine arts after that you will be apply for the master in fine arts. Yes, you can do physics after engineering, in fact, you can do a Ph.D. in physics after any branch of engineering. sure. What to do after BTech? most of the university have course of M.A. Avinash Das Lod. What to do after btech in electronics and communication – Electronics is one of the largest growing sectors of the world. Reply. Can I become a Doctor by doing BTEC show 10 more Considering doing 1 year of A Levels after BTEC? here i am the student of BTech+MBA integrated course from Quantum university which is situated in Roorkee, uttrakhand. in Electronics you can try to get admission in M.Tech. 6 Answers. in english b'coz the degree of b.tech is completelly graduate degree & M.A. so you are eligible for M.A. Follow 6. can i do mtech in robotics and automation after btech in electronics and communication?please rply me on [email protected] # 44 25th April 2018, 06:05 PM Comments. However, if you … Sarvgyan Team says: June 30, 2018 at 1:33 pm. You can either choose to go for jobs in IT sectors or go for higher studies like MTech. 5 Answers. If you need to earn money and support yourself or your family, get a regular job and start purusing drawing as a side job. Tutions taken by IIT, Delhi Graduate. Because after having engineering degree in Electronics and Communication, I applied for Sociology in JNU. Can I do M.A in International relations/studies after B.Tech (Mechanical) ?? Manpreet Kaur March 12, 2018 at 12:49 pm. No dear , better you do MBA . What can I do after doing btech in computer science? Hi Ravi.my name is Vikas I am in final year btech eee I want to do pH.d in mathematics can you suggest me what can I do immediately after completing my btech. Sir,my ur rank is 2985 and EBC rank is 695 in BCECE 2018.Will i get a seat in bakhtiyarpur college of engineering or chhapra college of engineering. After B.Tech in Computer Science, you can take up jobs in the Information security as well. The pupils who study science in his higher secondary, can opt for B.tech, that is Bachelor of Enginnering. 14/07/2018. Reply. 0. If you are wondering what to do after btech, a popular career choice among engineering graduates after engineering is studying management. Please enter your answer . MBA can definitely be done after B.Tech. hi. Follow 5. Asked by Idiot 10/07/2018 Last Modified 29/08/2018. After completing your B.Tech. Tuition/BTech Tuition . Tuition/BTech Tuition . Kishore says: June 10, 2018 at 5:12 pm. After a BSc, can I do a BTech? 14/07/2018. Tutor. Hari K. Maths Tutor. Numerous higher study options are […] Hello, first you need to see if you have any financial limitations. 29/08/2018. Follow 6. If you do Btech after a polytechnic diploma then you will be entering the btech as a lateral entry and the course period will be 3 years. 7 Answers. GMAT or the Graduate management examination, an online exam, is an assessment to help students get through universities and institutes offering management programs to graduate students. Rajanikant Soni. SOURCE: The Urban Fight B. Can I get admission in B.Tech if I have failed in 2nd PU? Basically, y you will get good salary after your higher degree in good institutes. Most BTech students are unsure of what they want to do after graduation. Like Like. which is the best college for Technical and business studies in north India. Answer. Comments. 0. Answer later. yes u can . It was one of the option if you have doubts related to question after BTech what can I do. It is important that the institution from where the candidate has pursued their MBA in Distance education form is recognised by the UGC or any other supreme commission, as … in Civil Engineering and enter the field of Architecture without a valid license. Please enter your answer. Answer. Mannan Hasib 13th Sep, 2020. 11/07/2018. Studying management can help you get a high-paying job with more responsibility. Asked by Isha 10/07/2018 Last Modified 22/07/2018. May 7, 2019 01:50:10 CDT Reply . (any discipline) can do after graduation. After M.Tech, you can easily find job in research and development organizations, manufacturing firms and IT companies as Project Manager, Research Associate and Senior Engineers. Dislike Bookmark. Jeganathan . Hence untill and unless one is educated properly cannot opt for science after 10th class. Comments. After B.Tech, students can plan to choose from various short-term courses to enhance their knowledge and improve their skills in a specific field. MBA is one of the preferred courses after engineering. Like Like. What is the scope of B.Tech Biotechnology? Specialize in your field of study In case you are not interested in doing an MBA, you can go in for an M.Tech, and specialize in the field of study that you chose for your graduation. Tutor. Bioinformatics is one of the promising careers in the current era and a lot of students from different academic backgrounds are inclined towards bioinformatics and want to switch their specialty in the same. 21/07/2018. What to do after completing B.Tech? Answer (1) Vinayak Thapar 13th Sep, 2020. Here are a few. Every BTech student does not automatically choose an MBA course. B.Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering is a graduate degree in Electronics. Comments. Short answer: Yes, you can get in as a PhD or look for Masters with relevant subjects for Neuroscience. If you want to apply for the fine arts then you should take admission in BA fine arts after that it will be possible to do MA fine arts. Hi, Yes you are eligible to apply for M.A. You can start your career in any of the following fields: (i) Higher Education for good jobs: You can choose the job in any field of software, teaching, research, management, and other fields. Please enter your answer. Tuition/BTech Tuition . Should I do B.Sc(maths) correspondence or complete my B.Tech? Also, not everyone gets selected in campus interviews and not everyone has a job offer by the end of their study. You can also do your MTech in part time mode along with teaching job, after completion of MTech you will be directly promoted to Professor/HOD with an handsome salary of more than 30,000 Rs/- per month. Chess / Abacus / Vedic Maths Tutor. 21/07/2018. During your final year you should prepare for JAM exam for MSc. 0. Reply. Dislike Bookmark. For this also, you will need to start preparing for the exams well in advance. Follow 5. Please enter your answer. Report. There, I said it, and for some of you, this assurance is probably enough to begin the pursuit. 2. After you get some experience you can manage the show. To enter this field, you’ll have to get an MBA. in international relations provided you have completed your Btech. But there is another set of people. Tutor. Reply . I dont know what to do stay btec or go n do a levels Is there a huge difference between A-leel and BTEC level 3. Mamidanna Ramalingeswarrao. yes . Tuition/BTech Tuition . (english,two years or four samesters) & prefer 50%marks of graduation. I’m interested in drawing… I want to become an artist what can i do after btech to become an artist. Tutor. Asked by Shiva 10/07/2018 Last Modified 30/08/2018. After completing BTech, you can pursue an MBA alongside your full-time job and you will end up gaining knowledge of your chosen specialisation and further this qualification will add to your resume as well. No, students can not do distance/online b tech after diploma because as per AICTE guidelines distance education is not valid, instead of that they can join b tech evening program/b tech lateral entry courses after diploma and they will be eligible for the lateral entry which means direct entry into the second year (Skipping the first year).

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