Pro Tip: Look for sites that haven’t been updated for a while. However, it is not as simple as directly asking for a link. So why wouldn’t Google use it? It’s an easy story to write. But you can also do a list of top local venues, restaurants, service providers, etc. Needless to say, this post contains a boatload of original data. Maps are a VERY underrated form of visual content. Is a site in your niche missing something… something that you could easily fill in for them? This works just like promoting an infographic, chart… or any other type of visual content. Link building is an SEO strategy for getting more backlinks. Tapping into holidays is a tried-and-true PR tactic that also applies to link building. But small lists can work well too. Sweet! In fact, it’s sometimes worth joining an organization just to get a link. For example, ran a Valentine’s day quiz called: “Which Star Wars Character Should Be Your Valentine’s Day Date?”. Students are sometimes allowed to create blogs on their respective college websites. They’ll share it too! Also, promoting a third party site in your outreach is a Jedi mind trick that makes people more likely to say yes. So you’ll get eyeballs on your content even after the initial buzz dies down. So the next time you find highly-linked to content on a site that seems abandoned, ask the site owner if you could pay them to move that content (with a 301) to your site. Pro Tip: Set up web mention alerts for your new term. This used to be a super popular (and effective) link building strategy. That said, guest posting still has its place as a link building tactic. And my link will end up somewhere on the body of the page. Basically, with this approach, you piggy back off their link building success. I’ll show you a bunch of techniques for finding Likely Linkers in Chapter 6. Answer questions: Answer questions on Twitter, Quora, forums… anywhere where people in your industry hang out. Unless you’re insanely busy, always say “YES!” to crowdsourced post invites. And because you’re not linking to your own site, the link will fly under the editor’s radar. So when you curate these terms into a glossary, you have something that people will HAPPILY link to. It’s nofollow, but it’s super trustworthy and can send you highly relevant traffic. And some of them link out. The key is having an interesting story to tell. So if you have an interesting story to tell, ask them for a feature. Well, Marie Haynes quickly published this post with her findings: That post racked up 300+ comments, an insane amount of social shares… and 400+ backlinks within 6 weeks. If you’re a retail or eCommerce site, make a list of manufacturer and supplier websites of the products you carry. It makes your content more valuable (and worthy of links). If you send out 100 emails a day, having an email signature with a link back can drive an extra 50+ people a month to your website. This can be in the form of a donation, volunteer work or a company outing to lend a hand. Link Building Strategies For Small Business Owners Link building is one of the most difficult aspects of SEO to master-especially for anyone without any experience. Instead, try Guestographics. But it doesn’t necessarily have to be controversial. Then, reach out and offer to update it. Why? Take one away from this process, and you’ll find your link building less effective. For example, St. Louis BBB ranges from $370 for 1-3 employees all the way to $865+ for 100-200 employees. Send people an embed code they can use to add your infographic to a WordPress post. Some sites will allow quality links in your profile. And auto-translation tools like Google Translate leave a lot to be desired. 10 Link Building Strategies for 2021. And if you feature a person or community on your blog, you’ll at least get on their radar screen. In fact, my case study has been linked to 3,470 times. However, I noticed a few links didn’t seem to be working: Also, I recently published [Brief Content Pitch]. That’s why the post has accumulated a whopping 22.8k links in a little over three years. And their extension page already has 409 backlinks: Existing websites have assets (namely, content and links) that every site could use more of. That’s because lots of bloggers embed our charts in their content… with a link back to the study: This is like an ultimate guide… in list form. If you have any job or internship opportunities, you can get a few easy .edu links. Second, it makes you and your company seem more credible and legit, which leads to more links over time. Our consistent link-building strategy relies on a multi-tiered system of top quality links, allowing us to permanently increase your website traffic in a safe and sustainable way. My guide may also make a nice addition to your page. For example, the “Will it Blend” series got a ton of links and eyeballs to Blendtec’s site: Illustration and drawings aren’t just for comic strips and memes. Here’s a great guide that includes the detailed process. That’s because, unlike a traditional blog post, you have dozens of sites that you can reach out to on day 1. Yes, WordPress themes can generate lots of links. The people that agree with you will share your content like crazy. In fact, some of my best strategies and insights have come from a little group of bloggers that I’m friends with. But don’t just pitch them links every other week. If you run an agency, compile as many of these opportunities as you can in a spreadsheet. Which means they’ll be pumped to spread the word. The price of a BBB listing is determined by region and by number of employees. Then, partnering with them to promote each other’s stuff. Depending on the niche, these platforms can sometimes convert better than email. Here’s where you build a “network” of similar non-competing blogs. Just gently let them know that you’re more active on your own website. There are hundreds of potential blog targets in most industries. And if it ever gets out of date, you can easily give it the ol’ update. Why Are Links So Important? Here’s where you curate a list of statistics on a given topic: The funny part is this: even though you’re collecting stats from other sites, most people that use a statistic from your list will link to your page… not the original source. So you’ll find that sites that want to avoid DMCA complaints are willing to add your link (or delete the scraped content). For example, here’s a backlink that I got from HARO a few years back: Most colleges have a wide range of clubs, and if you help the club with technical help (like lending a hand with the club’s website) or to organize an event, they’ll sometimes mention you on the site. Relationship building is HARD. But it definitely helps. That doesn’t mean you need to publish monstrous blog posts or interactive guides as others would have you believe. But they’re a great way to get on a blogger’s radar screen. Forums aren’t as big as they used to be (thanks largely to Reddit). If so, that’s an editorial link. First, I used search strings to bring up pages with lots of outbound links. And this helped get my content in front of people that ran blogs in my niche. It’s also a great way to attract a few links. Link building is not just about obtaining links, but building and fostering relationships which requires time, tact and link building strategies.

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