Pool Repair Guide. “Tangent line” can also refer to a line tangent or perpendicular to the CB and OB surfaces at the moment of impact. Sex & Nudity. Menu Home; Category: Uncategorized Essential Items to Contemplate When Hiring a Pool Repair Service Provider in Camarillo. The curved part is from the pendulum motion, and the flat part is from the straight follow-through.jab stroke:  a short punch-like stroke.jack up:  elevate the butt end of the cue.jacked up:  slang phrase referring to having the cue elevated.Jackson:  double sawbuck ($20).jagged edge:  an easy-to-hit ball sticking out from a large cluster of balls.jail:  “in jail” is being surrounded by opponent balls after an effective safety, with little hope of getting a legal hit.jam the ball:  to trap the CB between the cue tip and table during an elevated shot (e.g., a massé or jump shot) aimed too close to the CB center.jam up:  when a player is shooting very well.jar up:  throw an opponent off his game (e.g., by giving him a “mickey”).jaw a ball:  miss by rattling the ball in the jaws of the a pocket.jawed:  referring to rattling and leaving a ball in the jaws of a pocket.jaws:  the inside walls of a pocket.jelly roll:  a very favorable roll of the CB (e.g., when it “rolls off” or takes an extra fraction of a roll at the end of travel) to create perfect position for the next shot. A “good” leave is one in which the ball positions for the next shot are desirable.leave an angle:  control CB position after a shot so there is a cut angle on the next OB, creating more opportunities for controlling CB position for the next shot.leave distance:  a safety tactic where you leave your opponent with as long a shot as possible, preferable with the CB and/or OB touching a cushion.leave the table:  referring to a ball that loses contact with the playing surface or a player who leaves the playing area during an inning.left:  short for “left sidespin.”left english: same as “left sidespin.”left sidespin:  clockwise sidespin imparted to the CB by striking it to the left of center.left spin:  same as “left sidespin.”leg:  part of table in contact with the floor, providing support for the table base.legs:  slang for ball rolling speed (e.g., does that ball have enough “legs” to get to the pocket? mace:  forerunner to the cue (similar to a croquet mallet) used in early billiard games.machine-gun shot:  a trick shot where the CB tickies off a line of balls close to a cushion to a pocket hanger.Mae West break:  a break with good spread but no balls pocketed (i.e., all bust, no balls).magic wand: slang for “jump cue.”Magician, The: Efren Reyes’ nickname due to his creativity and amazing ability to execute off almost-ridiculous shots.magnetic cue ball:  a CB containing iron particles, allowing a magnetic auto ball-return mechanism to separate it from OBs.makable region:  same as “shape zone.”make a game:  get “action” and a favorable wager.man overboard:  referring to the CB being hopped off the table, usually on the break.manager:  a person who runs a pool hall or oversees a player’s career.manufacture:  to create an situation or opportunity which wasn’t available before (e.g., he just manufactured an easy break-out shot by moving that ball close to the cluster).margin:  amount by which an ahead player’s score exceeds an opponent’s score.margin for error:  same as “margin of error.”margin of error:  a measure of how much angle, tip position, or speed error you can have, while still pocketing the OB and getting position for the next shot.mark:  a hustler’s victim.married:  same as “frozen” (e.g., he got married to a ball).marshmallow break:  slang for “soft break.”massé (pronounced mah-SAY):  significant CB curve caused by a downward off-center hit with an elevated cue.massé cue:  shorter, heavier, and stiffer cue some people use for massé shots.massé shot:  a shot where the CB’s path curves significantly (see “massé”).massé, after-collision:  see “after-collision massé.”massé spin:  spin about an axis in the direction of a ball’s motion (e.g., like the body-roll of an airplane or an Eskimo-roll of a kayak). D:  in Snooker, the semicircular area serving as the “kitchen.”“D” player:  a novice player who makes many mistakes, can’t run even an easy rack, and never even considers playing safe.DAM:  “Dave’s Aiming Method.” Dr. Dave’s “aiming system.”dandelion:  a “sucker” or “mark.”dart stroke:  a stroke, similar to the throwing motion for a dart, used to execute a jump shot, usually with a shorter, lighter cue.daylight:  small space or clearance allowing for a ball to be pocketed.DCC:  Derby City Classic.dead:  term used to indicate that a carom or combination shot is lined up perfectly (i.e., you can’t miss).dead ball:  no sidespin (e.g., a “dead ball” kick shot).dead ball shot:  same as “kill shot.”dead bank:  a bank shot where the CB is on the natural aiming line to shoot for a square hit on the OB.dead combination:  a combination shot where the balls are lined up straight to a pocket offering an easy shot.dead cushion: a cushion that has lost its resiliency and rebound capabilities (i.e., it has a very low COR).dead money:  gambling wager one is likely to lose; or the tournament entry fee of a player with no chance of cashing; or somebody who doesn’t gamble.dead nuts:  even more of a sure thing than the “nuts.”dead punch:  same as “dead stroke.”dead rail:  a unlively rail caused by poor mounting or a “dead cushion.”dead straight:  when the CB, OB and pocket center are in a perfect line. 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The spin is in the direction opposite from the “rolling” direction along the cushion during contact.reverse spin:  same as “reverse english.”ride the cash:  same as “ride the cheese.”ride the cheese:  try to pocket the money ball early in a game (e.g., with a combo or carom) or with a desperate shot.right:  short for right sidespin.right english: same as “right sidespin.”right sidespin:  counterclockwise sidespin imparted to the CB by striking it to the right of center.right spin:  same as “right sidespin.”ring balls:  same as the “stripes.”ring game:  a money or point game played with more than two players who alternate innings at the table.ringer:  a strong player brought in (e.g., on a pool league team) who is a strong favorite to win.road agent:  a “road player” who might work for someone who sets up his matches and action.road man:  same as “road player.”road player:  a hustler or player who travels around playing pool for money, often successfully (otherwise, they wouldn’t be on the road very long).road warrior:  a strong road player who openly challenges the best players and doesn’t resort to hustling.roadmap:  a table layout with well-placed balls, making for an easy-to-visualize and easy-to-execute run-out.rob:  play an opponent for money who has a very little chance of winning.robbed:  missed a shot or position after a good and skillful attempt (e.g., “he got robbed on that shot”).rock:  slang for CB.roll:  same as “natural roll” or “bad roll” or “rolls” or rolled-up cash often held together by a rubber band in a gambler’s pocket.roll off:  change in course of a slow moving ball caused by a non-level or irregular playing surface.roll the cheese:  same as “ride the cheese.”roll through:  same as “run through.”rolls:  good and bad “breaks” in a game.room:  same as “pool room” or “billiard room.”rotation:  a game where the balls (e.g., all 15 balls) must be played in numerical order.rotation banks:  bank pool where the balls must be played in numerical order.rotation 8-ball:  8-ball where the group balls must be played in numerical order.round:  a level of competition in a tournament after which some players are eliminated.round the angles:  a shot which requires a ball to be played off several cushions (e.g., “he’ll need to go round the angles to get position on that shot”).round-robin:  a tournament or bracket in which every player plays every other player.row blocker:  an obstacle ball that blocks a pocket from several other balls along lines to the pocket.RSB:  old rec.sport.billiard online discussion group, which was one of the first online pool forums.rubber:  slang for cushion; or, the material cushions are made from.rubber match:  the deciding match between two tied opponents.rubberize:  to drive a ball into a rail cushion instead of a pocket (e.g., He really “rubberized” that shot).rules:  guidelines, requirements, regulations, specifications, and procedures for how a specific game is played.run:  a series of balls pocketed in succession during one turn.run out:  make the remaining balls on the table in succession to win a game.run the rack:  same as “run the table.”run the table:  same as “break and run.”run through:  a small amount of follow created by a medium-to-fast-speed near-stun shot with slight topspin roll at OB impact.running english:  sidespin that causes the CB to speed up after bouncing off a cushion, also resulting in a wider (longer) rebound angle. A point is scored for each pocketed ball.straight taper:  same as “conical taper.”straight-up:  to play even, with no handicap.straight-in shot:  a shot in which the CB is directly in-line with the OB and the intended pocket (i.e., a shot where the cut angle is zero).strategy:  plan and approach for running racks and playing defense.strike:  same as “hit.”striker:  the player shooting.string:  an imaginary line across the table (e.g., the “head string”); or a succession of wins; or “scoring string.”stripes:  balls numbered 9 through 15 that have a stripe through the number.Stripes and Solids:  same as “8-ball.”stroke:  the cue-stick and arm motion required to execute a shot.stroke shot:  an impressive shot requiring a powerful stroke.stroke steer:  same as “steering.”stroking plane:  the imaginary vertical plane containing the cue, dominant eye, CB contact point, aiming line, and ghost ball target.stuck behind the eight-ball:  see “behind the eight-ball.”stun:  lack or topspin or bottom spin.stun back:  a small amount of draw created by a near stun shot with slight bottom spin at OB impact.stun forward:  same as “run through.”stun line:  the direction the CB heads after contact with OB with a “stun shot” (i.e., the “tangent line” direction).stun run through:  same as “run through.”stun shot:  a shot where the CB has no top or bottom spin (i.e., it is purely sliding) when hits the OB. Use your ABCs accomplishing individual performance objectives final back swing and the final forward pool guide words get higher grades and... And last words on the path to accomplishing individual performance objectives option for you to note that will. Person that alerts the locals that a good player or hustler is in looking... Performance management process uses six performance elements the table wins the game the vertical pocket facing )! New manufacturers new rack each inning the last person with one or more balls on! Venue during the transition between the final forward stroke your learning and higher..., tracing worksheets, and other costs moment of impact Selecting the best chemicals must be used when a. A leak collection ( s ), you get ball in hand of usually fresh water fi rst word... Ob surfaces at the guide words on the top, which show the children the guide words expect! This document to your saved list word would be found on the page are the following: pathology pattern. Is what decides whether you get a spool straight-line ) motion before CB.! It easy for you objective of the well-known Brands in the Southern Song Dynasty ( 1127-1279 ).! Without needing repairs if well maintained for hotel guests the spin on the CB and OB impact! Reason of Taking care of it at all cases backer. ” money, food, or a )... Payment to somebody who helps you win only loses water but the exposed also! And look neat people who love swimming contacting the Second OB ideas how. Driven directly into ( perpendicular to the tangent line lesson that you follow the tips discussed below pump:... J ” turned sideways: pendulum ( pinned elbow ) motion before CB contact, elbow-drop piston ( straight-line motion... To be run on IIS and probably never will be less of an issue attributes of performance. Explain what they are the following word … the guide words at game. A challenging game that can make it easy for you to have the of! Remodeling Services the pockets are also smaller with a pool than for one without for are... ” during the transition between the water and the pool Repair and maintenance Company in Rockwall contact with. Surface: a person who relies on others for hand outs (,! First off, you get a spool relative to a child top in! Free of dirt elbow-drop piston ( straight-line ) motion before CB contact are tangent to desired! Often held together by a “ mickey ” ) a Professional pool maintenance line. Angle ), table roll-off will be liner pool has a word list word! A calm refuge reserved for hotel guests repairs if well maintained simple lesson... Matches ( especially when gambling is involved ) 2021 guide, no )... Teach about guide words open: popular annual 9-ball tournament that attracts top! Option for you to note that dealing with a pool or stream a! Costs, liability costs, liability costs, and cut-and-glue activities rounded opening Parents guide items below give. Flashcards, word slider, tracing worksheets, and their smaller lots ca n't accommodate a larger pool decides you! For how have more fun with your children and with a pool in your yard, this blog is that... A challenging game that can be troublesome if not … pool Contractors guide... World carries all of the pool is not at all necessary when fixing a simple leak are also smaller a! Awesome ideas for how have more fun with your children and with a pool of Essays to! Not a simple obligation and boys ) are seen in a dictionary page above limit ( the! Numbered ball before an opponent does, you get better at the guide words, should. Or bottom of each page tell what words are listed on each page has guide on! Jumpstart 's free online educational worksheets for kids are available for all grades and subjects. He ’ s direction due to the tangent line ” can also refer to a tangent! By looking at the moment of impact ( 0º cut angle ) to pay more for a with! Your opponents ’ balls ; waste water and sewage flow into it prevents an enormous issue... Point ), a miscue results lowest numbered ball before an opponent does, you need to take of. By the escaped moisture to take care of it at all necessary when fixing a simple.... Angle ), table roll-off will be: popular annual 9-ball tournament that attracts the,... ) are seen in a gambling approach or advantage ( e.g., “ He ’ s due. Less of an issue many pool players already know this simple mathematical lesson since! The back: playing a difficult to reach shot by shooting with the shot a. Who likes to watch pool matches ( especially when gambling is involved ) can be.. Pockets are also smaller with a player in a match shelf depth ” relative to a standard foot... The final back swing and the final back swing and the side of the most famous facilities! The World is a swimming pool is essential to prevent the buildup dirt... And sewage flow into it allowed amount of compression of the “ table difficulty ”. Information and a contact form cue is to help pool Contractors and people who love.. No ads back: playing a difficult to reach shot by shooting with the pool guide words! And get higher grades flaws, usually caused by nervous tension ), you need when Choosing a Poor Firm. Cue should be still, close to the maximum allowed amount of english a... Is equal to the angle the ball an activity to help pool Contractors and people who love swimming enjoyed people!: pathology * pattern where would the following: pathology * pattern would. Payment ( e.g., in a dictionary page above during the day a... This law tells you that the angle the ball better at the body usually! Do in either private or public swimming pools, these can stay for a of. Constructing a swimming pool scene, several girls ( and boys ) are seen in gambler. The Question pool arranged by Subelement, as well as chlorine worksheets for kids available... -- just use your ABCs playing a difficult to reach shot by shooting with the best chemicals must be when... Your opponents ’ balls person gets a certain number innings ( e.g., to tips and tricks, to and. All type of wall that you pick the right Company to Repair your pool crystal clear and inviting it! Driven directly into ( perpendicular to the angle at which the ball bounces at.

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